Our mission is simple: build a program for women focusing on what we perceive are the core needs of our female athletes in the sport of “functional fitness”

These include:

  • Lat Strength/Pulling/Upper Body Development
  • Hip Strength/Core
  • Power Production
  • Mindset

We offer six levels of programming, including an accessory only program:


LEVEL ONE is for athletes with 60-90 minutes to commit to training each day. Scaling options are provided for both experienced athletes as well as athletes building their foundations of fitness.

LEVEL TWO is for athletes who have more time to commit to training and have been bitten by the “functional fitness” bug. The volume is typically 90 minutes to 2 hours per day, with more focus on learning complex movements such as introduction to muscle up transitions and teaching athletes how to get upside down for handstand push-ups and handstand walking. Scaling options are provided for beginner to advanced athletes.

LEVEL THREE is for athletes looking to compete or spend even more time honing their training. The volume of training is 2-3 hours per day. This would be considered “competitors” programming- with the heaviest weights and commonly programmed advanced gymnastics. Scaling options are provided for beginner to intermediate athletes.

ALL IN – for athletes that want to get to the highest level of competition within our sport. The volume of training is 3-5 hours per day. Scaling options are provided for intermediate athletes (i.e you’re comfortable performing muscle up transitions but are still developing strength/skill to perform a muscle up unassisted).

Click here to see Level M Programming

LEVEL M– for our athletes in the later stages of perimenopause, in menopause, and post. This programming takes into account how lower estrogen levels affect training, body composition, and recovery. With a heavy focus on compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses, strict pull-ups) and conditioning designed to compliment our athletes changing physiology, we believe this programming will allow our female athletes to continue to crush the fitness they love while staying strong and healthy.

CFT ACCESSORY – When you love what we offer but you still want to do the classes at your gym! 4 to 5 days a week of accessory. Work on pulling, core strength, grip strength, and gymnastics. For every level of athlete.


Ready to join a growing group of badass female athletes?

Membership is $18 a month for accessory and $29 a month for comprehensive!

What our athletes are saying:

I can’t tell you how excited I am. I feel like you are filling a lot of missing pieces for me. I’ve gotten as good as I am now just figuring things out on my own for the most part but I definitely had missing pieces. So excited to see how fit and strong I can be!”

Insane. Lol like really we should have documented from the beginning. And I took a couple weeks off in November. Like this shit is bananas” -Ashley on her progress so far following CFT

A competitive program that works for women All. Month. Long

This programming has already paid off with huge wins in the gym

All around amazing programming for women in CrossFit and functional fitness

This program is a GAME CHANGER!”

This is one of our athletes- less than one month apart with her TTB.

Training created BY women, for women- where you get to train alongside OTHER badass women!

It’s all inclusive- with weight lifting, gymnastics, accessory, and conditioning/metcons 5 days a week– with rest days programmed on Thursdays and Sundays.

It’s online, offered via Wodify. We post the workouts every Saturday evening for the week, and we have a coach monitored private Facebook group where you can ask any questions, as well as get assistance with movements. Not on Facebook? No problem! You can ALWAYS email us with questions- info@competitivefemaletraining.com

Want to follow this programming but still do your gym classes? We now have programming that allows you to do just that!

Are you intrigued?

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How Are We Different?

  • We focus ONLY on the needs of our female athletes
  • The programming is designed and focused for women
  • We incorporate hip and glute strength 2-3 days a week
  • We do core work EVERY DAY
  • We provide warm-ups, prehab, mobility work, and cool-downs daily
  • We provide daily guidance on how to to coordinate your hormones and nutrition around your training
  • We have an all women community
Check out a video testimonial of one of our athletes here!

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Competitive Female Training was founded to give our female athletes a program specific to THEIR bodies

We focus on the struggles we see with female bodies like push-ups, pull-ups, and jumping.

We help you navigate your hormones relative to your training. Every day we provide coaching on how to train relative to where you are in your menstrual cycle.

We don’t have the same systems every day of the year. Because your hormones are constantly fluctuating your training and nutrition should be adaptable as well. We help you do this.

Join us! It might just be one of the best personal investments you’ve made!

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