Accessory 6/22/21

Happy Tuesday!  Today is all about booty gains, core strength, and power production! Have fun! By the way did you know you can get access to this and more programming just like it 5 days a week with our CFT accessory membership?

Till the end of June you can sign up for $6 for the entire month and give it a try! Use code LETSGO and sign up HERE.


3 rounds:
3 Box jumps
3 Kneel jump to stand
6 Reverse snow angles
10 Glute Bridges
*Kneel Jump to Stand-https://youtu.be/RfgCxcQkYLI (if you can’t do this yet perform regular jump squats)

Chest Elevated Hip Thrust (4×10 )

Focus on keeping rib cage down, getting FULL extension at the top, and keeping core tight. This is less about the weight you’re moving and more about good hinge mechanics and learning how to engage your glutes.

Increase weight from last week


4 Rounds
10 Deadbugs
20 Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow
10 Deadbugs
20 Plank Knee to Same Elbow
*Same elbow- https://youtu.be/Bq_1gVu6pVg
*Opp elbow- https://youtu.be/4_apDeXWpBQ

Power Production

3 rounds:
5 Clapping push ups
5 Single leg box jump e/s 24 box
10 Ball throws (Use ball pretend you’re throwing a KB over your head)
*If you can’t do a clapping push-up perform a banded push-up:https://youtu.be/dGYUa6Ekwqs

*For the single leg jump, goal is to get onto a bench or box

Cool Down

Foam Roll quads, calves, upper back – 2 min e/s
*Quads- https://youtu.be/QY5R14p7GJw
*Back- https://youtu.be/cj_7Hwv2ksw

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