Level 2- 06/23/2021


5 min Cardio (preferably ski if you have one)


50 banded pull aparts
50 air squats


3 rounds:
1 pistol off box each leg
2 handstand kick ups (Try to hold)
4 strict chest to bars
6 bench dips (deep)
8 double unders
10 calf raises each leg (5 straight 5 bent leg)
*If you don’t have strict chest to bar, choose one of these scales: https://youtu.be/MCY5lRJ_OYQ
*If you aren’t kicking up yet, you can practice doing a wallwalk and holding it.


Legless Pulling + Lat Love

12 min EMOM
1- 1 Legless Rope climb
2- Roll out lats
3- Wall walk to nose to wall hold x :35
4- Banded Lat Stretch

If you don’t have legless yet you can practice a few things:
-If you can move up the rope a couple pulls then do that x2 each minute
-Or do this: https://youtu.be/BsDRv1fiXIY (with minimal legs!)
-If you don’t have access to a rope perform 4 strict pull-ups (scale to the modification you can do!)
-If you don’t have a wall walk yet then do a feet on bench or box modified HS hold

*Banded Lat Stretch- https://youtu.be/B_OMN9-4K50


10 min AMRAP:
5 Double unders
5 Air squats
6 Double unders
6 Air squats
Add 1 until time is up.
*You must complete the double unders unbroken to move on. If you trip, start back at 5 double unders and 5 air squats.
*score is round you made it to


3 rounds:
Quadruped crawl x 25ft forward and 25ft backward
OH banded KB hold x :30 seconds
*Put a kb hanging from each side of the bar and hold it overhead. If you struggle with pressing this, set the bar up almost at your locked out height so you can get underneath it and just stand up.
*Quadruped Crawl- https://youtu.be/I8X613GnoQM


4 Rounds
:60 Weighted Plank
:45 Side Plank e/s

Cool Down

Lacrosse ball lats, triceps, pecs – 2 min e/s
*Lats- https://youtu.be/uHMVTXf06kM
*Triceps – https://youtu.be/OWcsf-01io8
*Pecs- https://youtu.be/vzxvgSJ9kQc

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

Okay, if you pee your pants when you double under, it can be worse during your period. There are things you can do to help with this.

First, make sure you’re squeezing your butt when you dub- this will help keep everything tight.

Second, be mindful of keeping your pelvis tucked (engage your abs).

Third- consider doing the core work BEFORE the metcon – this will help get everything turned on so that your core IS active.

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

Today is pretty chill volume wise- but that doesn’t mean you can’t still send it. Your hormones are supporting you to be powerful AF.

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

You should be okay today to crush training without any interference from training. Take advantage of a slight decrease in volume and make sure you are recovering well and eating enough.

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

If you notice you’re more clumsy during this phase, spend some extra time warming up your brain to foot connection (broad jumps, box jumps, alphabet backwards while doing single unders).

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