Level One- 06/26/2021


2 min bike
2 min row
2 min ski


3 rounds:
5 half kneeling press each arm
10 box step ups
15 band pull aparts


30 KB swings
15 Wall balls
10 DB OH Squat e/s

stretch anything that needs its own attention (ankles, hips, shoulders, thoracic)


For time:

50 dumbbell shoulder-to-overheads
50 dumbbell deadlifts
50 Weighted sit-ups
100 single-arm dumbbell overhead squats
50 Weighted sit-ups
50 dumbbell deadlifts
50 dumbbell shoulder-to-overheads

Rx Weight: 35# *Choose a DB Weight you can do sets of 10 unbroken for the S2OH 

Time Cap 25 Minutes
Scale Up: GHD SIt-Ups **only do this if you’ve been regularly doing GHDs!!

Cool Down

Foam Roll and Lacrosse Ball everything. Spend a good 10 minutes giving your body some love!

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

We always tell you if you feel like crud it’s okay to chill and or lower your expectations. You can come in, get sweaty, and be done for the day. BUT if you’re feeling good (especially if you’re over the first few days of your period) settle in for a really great metcon!

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

It’s a fantastic day to optimize hormones around training. Your power production and pain tolerance are on point today- make yourself REALLY uncomfortable. You don’t have extra strength today- we want you to focus on pushing HARD.

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

You are going to want your carbs today. So eat, and hydrate. And send it.

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

What did you think of when you saw today’s workout? Are you excited? Ready to get sweaty? Or are you tired and just want it over with? Can you overcome the emotions, or is today a day to find gratitude you are healthy and GET to fitness?

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