Accessory- 06/28/2021


3 rounds:
8 Reverse Snow Angels
4 Wall Slides
16 PVC Pass Throughs
:20 Second Front Leaning Plank

5 Handstand Walk moderate attempts. (Kick up and try to get a few steps but don’t max out.)

10 Handstand Push Up negatives. NO plopping.

Go directly into the gymnastics

*Wall Slides- https://youtu.be/GaP20t6ZOfU
*Reverse Snow Angels –https://youtu.be/xKT4p2FiUYY
*PVC Pipe Pass Through- https://youtu.be/K1Q9hG21Dug
*Front Leaning Plank- https://youtu.be/zwNVME0WBIk

*HSPU Negatives- https://youtu.be/RKlbLQVEYyA


*For the HS Walks, if you’re still getting comfortable upside down, you can practice kicking up onto a wall OR do a wallwalk- or you can check out HOW to start kicking up: https://youtu.be/4SxlfyG0xfM

*HSPU negatives, if you don’t kick up yet perform 10 HEAVY DB press with a slow bring down (3-5 seconds each time)


4 rounds:
3 Bridge ups (5 second pause at top)
5 Wall walks pause at top (:10 pause at top after each, nose to wall hold)
*This is for quality. Practice same standard on wall walk as the Open. The pause at the top is a nose to wall.

Rest 5 min and directly into…

4 rounds:
10 DB Push press
*Rest 2 min between rounds.

*Go unbroken and straight to DB Push press no rest between rounds. The push press is mimicking the HSPU so make sure you are smooth and moving purposely. Do NOT get sloppy.

Rest 5 min and directly into…

7×8 Box chest to bars
Rest 90 seconds exactly b/w rounds

*Be sure to go Unbroken and really open up the chest (Like you are poking your boobs out) as you pull the bar to under your bra line.

Jumping muscle ups + Dips
20 x 1 + 1
Rest :30-1 min b/w rounds
*Perform 1 jumping muscle up, lock out the dip, and then perform another dip.

*If you don’t have HSPU yet perform 15 DB Push Press (5+10)
*If you don’t have Mup transitions yet scale to 10×1+1 Ring Row + Feet Assisted Dip


5 Rounds
:20 Plank on Hands
5 DB Bench AHAP
5 False Grip Rings Rows


*Jumping Muscle Up- https://youtu.be/1JVEGLYpIDw
*Kipping Box Chest to Bar- https://youtu.be/MCY5lRJ_OYQ
*Butterfly Box Chest to Bar –https://youtu.be/mysXeyPRZ_4
*Bridge Up- https://youtu.be/w3su9apHk0I

Ankle Strength + Mobility

4 rounds:
3 Position Toes Touches x half tabata
12 Calf Raises Straight + bent leg

Toe Touch (only touch in front, to the side, and other side) https://youtu.be/ScyNIadAAMU
*You will perform 2 tabatas each leg (total)
*You will perform 12 calf raises on each leg and then 12 on each leg with the leg bent.

Cool Down

Lacrosse ball lats, triceps, pecs 2 min e/s
*Lats- https://youtu.be/uHMVTXf06kM
*Triceps – https://youtu.be/OWcsf-01io8
*Pecs- https://youtu.be/vzxvgSJ9kQc

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