Accessory- 07/03/2021


3 Rounds
8 Reverse Snow Angels
10 Band Pull Aparts
12 Deadbugs

Gymnastics- Pull-Ups

12 Min EMOM
3 Strict Pull-Ups every minute
Choose a scale that you do 3 reps:https://youtu.be/TdJmgOsle3M

Strength- Bench Press (4×10)

Perform 10 reps with a barbell first as warm up. Can keep the same weight across or go up if it’s feeling good.

Core- Planks

3 Rounds
:45 Weighted Plank
:30 Side Plank e/s
:20 Reverse Plank

Cool Down

Lacrosse ball lats, triceps, and pecs 2 min e/s

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