Level 4- 07/05/2021

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EMOM x 20
1 – :30 Ski on 1 foot at :30 switch feet
2 – Upper back roll out
3 – Kneeling press x 6 e/s
4 – Inverted barbell rows x 10


3 rounds:
5 Second Top Ring Hold
5 Second Bottom Ring Hold


2 rounds:
High knees 50ft
Butt kickers 50ft
Grapevines 50ft
Duck walk 50ft
Toy soldiers 50ft
:30 Plank

Go right into gymnastics

*If you don’t have a ski erg then hop on one foot for :30 and switch
*if you don’t have rings or can’t do the top/bottom of the ring hold, use a bench – https://youtu.be/iyZBMCJROAI

*Kneeling Press- https://youtu.be/4DUIY95jX6Y
*Inverted Barbell Row- https://youtu.be/mQJ2tA7b5Yo
*Duck Walk- https://youtu.be/WpRHF2XEuqg
*GrapeVines/Kareoke- https://youtu.be/UzYwPYtCqKA
*Toy Soldiers- https://youtu.be/cIqzwOUilR4

Gymnastics-Push and Pull – Level 2 and Up (7/5)

5 rounds:
3 Bridge Ups (5 second pause at top)
5 Wall walks pause at top (:10 pause at top after each, nose to wall hold)
*This is for quality. Practice same standard on wall walk as the Open. The pause at the top is a nose to wall.

Rest 5 min and directly into…

5 rounds:
10 DB Push press
*Rest 2 min between rounds.
*Go unbroken and straight to DB Push press no rest between rounds. The push press is mimicking the HSPU so make sure you are smooth and moving purposely. Do NOT get sloppy.

Rest 5 min and directly into…

Box chest to bars 8 x 6
Rest 90 seconds exacly b/w rounds

Rest 5 min and directly into…

Jumping muscle ups + Dips
10 x 1 + 2
Rest :30-1 min b/w rounds
*Perform 1 jumping muscle up, lock out the dip, and then perform 2 more dips.

*If you don’t have HSPU yet perform 15 DB Push Press (5+10)
*If you don’t have Mup transitions yet scale to 10×1+1 Ring Row + Feet Assisted Dip


5 Rounds
:20 Plank on Hands
5 DB Bench AHAP
5 False Grip Rings Rows

*Jumping Muscle Up- https://youtu.be/1JVEGLYpIDw
*Bridge Up- https://youtu.be/w3su9apHk0I
*Kipping Box Chest to Bar- https://youtu.be/MCY5lRJ_OYQ
*Butterfly Box Chest to Bar –https://youtu.be/mysXeyPRZ_4


20 Min AMRAP
200m Run
30 Push Jerk @95#
20 GHD Sit Ups
10 Overhead Barbell Lunges

—Coaches Notes—
*Rx Weight for the Jerks/Lunges is 95#- choose a weight that you can go unbroken but that’s CHALLENGING.


5 min AMRAP:
10ft HSW Unbroken
*Go 10ft, drop, go again, and repeat for 5 min.

Rest 5 min and go into next piece


3 Rounds
Max distance HSW
Rest 2 min between rounds
We expect a natural fall off. Stay strict to the rest. No more than 2 min.

Accessory-Ankle Strength + Mobility W4

5 rounds:
3 Position Toes Touches x half tabata
8 Calf Raises Straight + bent leg

*Toe Touch (only touch in front, to the side, and other side) https://youtu.be/ScyNIadAAMU

Cool Down

Lacrosse ball triceps, lats, pecs 2 min e/s
*Lats- https://youtu.be/uHMVTXf06kM
*Triceps – https://youtu.be/OWcsf-01io8
*Pecs- https://youtu.be/vzxvgSJ9kQc

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

Okay, yes this metcon could be a crud fest based on where you are on your period. So what are your options? Move and get sweaty and let it make you feel good or push hard and be excited you get to test a spicy metcon when you’re feeling less than your best.

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

Are you’re tracking where are you at? Have you noticed changes in your performance week to week? How do you approach training when you know your hormones have your back? How’s your mental space? Do you push harder when you know you’re good? Pay attention to these things – the more you know about your mindset and hormones relative to your training the more you know yourself as an athlete.

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

You’re internal thermostat may be getting out of whack during this time. If you notice a decreased tolerance to heat, make sure you are VERY warm before you start your conditioning today!

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

Just have fun. Refer above about the internal thermostat, make sure you’re warm for the conditioning piece, and decide who you want to be when you approach your training.

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