Level M- 07/07/2021

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4 rounds:
10 Cal Ski
50ft OH KB carry e/s
10 Banded Lat Pull Downs
50ft Bear Crawl (Legs locked out)
10 Inch Worms

100 Single unders

2 rounds
3 Plate Around the World e/s
5 Strict Chest to Bars
:20 Hollow Rocks
*If you don’t have a strict c2b yet then set up a box under the rig and do toes assisted.
*Plate Around the Worlds- https://youtu.be/P6TRB1zsWUM
*Banded Lat Pull Down-https://youtu.be/YgWUQ2wz5f0
*If you don’t have a ski then go for a 200m run

Gymnastics- Lats and Love and Upside Down – W4

16 Min EMOM
Legless Rope Climbs x 1.5
Roll out lat 1 min
Wall Walk to Nose to Wall Hold x :45
Banded lat stretch

If you don’t have legless yet you can practice a few things:

If you can move up the rope a couple pulls then do that x2 each minute
-Or do this: https://youtu.be/BsDRv1fiXIY (with minimal legs!)
-If you don’t have access to a rope perform 4 strict pull-ups (scale to the modification you can do!)
-If you don’t have a wall walk yet then do a feet on bench or box modified HS hold

*Banded Lat Stretch- https://youtu.be/B_OMN9-4K50


15 Hang power snatch @65lbs
Max strict pull ups in 1 min
10 HPS @ 95#
Max chest to bars in 1 min
5 HPS @110#
Max pull ups
30 KBS @53lbs in 1 min

*Score is reps of pull-ups + time (list as reps 11:22=1122)
*Scale the snatches to a weight that you can do the 15 unbroken (if the prescribed weights are not doable).
*Perform feet on box pull-ups and chest to bar if you don’t have unassisted yet.


3 rounds:
30 UB double unders
2 min forearm stretch
20 Hammer curls
2 min couch stretch each side
10 Tricep Extensions

Accessory- Overhead/Trunk Stability

5 rounds:
Quadruped crawl x 25ft forward and 25ft backward
KB OH Hold :30
*Attach a KB with bands to each side of a barbell. Place the barbell at a height that you can easily get under and stand up.
*Quadruped Crawl- https://youtu.be/I8X613GnoQM

Cool Down

Smash forearms- 2 min e/s
Lacrosse ball lats, triceps, pecs 2 min e/s
*Lats- https://youtu.be/uHMVTXf06kM
*Triceps – https://youtu.be/OWcsf-01io8
*Pecs- https://youtu.be/vzxvgSJ9kQc
*forearms- https://youtu.be/Phshpt5Cido

————–Hormones and Training—————

This metcon is a push – which means you need to be prepared for it. Go in warmed up, be mindful of making sure all your body parts are warm, and let’s see what you got!

Are you getting in adequate carbs before and after training? How are you feeling after yesterday?

How is sleep? Track these things and let’s see what changes we can make to get it all dialed in!

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