Level 1- 07/12/2021

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EMOM x 10
1 – :30 Ski on 1 foot at :30 switch feet
2 – Upper back roll out
3 – Kneeling press x 6 e/s
4 – Inverted barbell rows x 10


3 rounds:
5 Second Top Ring Hold
5 Second Bottom Ring Hold


2 rounds:
High knees 50ft
Butt kickers 50ft
Grapevines 50ft
Duck walk 50ft
Toy soldiers 50ft
:30 Plank

Go right into gymnastics
*If you don’t have a ski erg then hop on one foot for :30 and switch

*if you don’t have rings or can’t do the top/bottom of the ring hold, use a bench – https://youtu.be/iyZBMCJROAI

*Kneeling Press- https://youtu.be/4DUIY95jX6Y
*Inverted Barbell Row- https://youtu.be/mQJ2tA7b5Yo
*Duck Walk- https://youtu.be/WpRHF2XEuqg
*GrapeVines/Kareoke- https://youtu.be/UzYwPYtCqKA
*Toy Soldiers- https://youtu.be/cIqzwOUilR4

Gymnastics -Push and Pull – L1 (7/12)

6 rounds:
3 Bridge Ups (5 second pause at top)
3 Wall walks pause at top (:10 pause at top after each, nose to wall hold)
*This is for quality. Practice same standard on wall walk as the Open. The pause at the top is a nose to wall.

Rest 5 min and directly into…

6 rounds:

8 DB Push press
*Rest 2 min between rounds.
*Go unbroken and straight to DB Push press no rest between rounds. The push press is mimicking the HSPU so make sure you are smooth and moving purposely. Do NOT get sloppy.

Rest 5 min and directly into…

Jumping muscle ups + Dips
15 x 1 + 2
Rest :30-1 min b/w rounds
*Perform 1 jumping muscle up, lock out the dip, and then perform 2 more dips.


For Time
Hang Squat Clean
Front Rack lunge
Rx Weight is 85# – Choose a weight where you can do at least 10 Cleans unbroken.

This is another “meant to hurt” kind of conditioning piece. You need to push. Your mind will stop you long before your body actual needs it.

Cool Down

Smash forearms 2 min e/s
Foam roll quads, calves, back 2 min e/s
*Lower Back- https://youtu.be/CXUjsU-Dgks
*Quads- https://youtu.be/QY5R14p7GJw
*forearms- https://youtu.be/Phshpt5Cido

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

Don’t stress today if you’re in the start of your cycle. We will tell you when we suggest you push despite your uterus.

Today, especially because it’s getting warm and your pain tolerance is down, go by how much you’ve got in the tank.

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

We haven’t been giving you extra because the programming you’ve been getting is pretty challenging.

But if you have the time, go for 10 DB Push Press each round in the gymnastics (instead of 8) and you can even play around with using a heavier DB!

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

We mentioned it in our email but it bears repeating: when you’re in this phase your hydration is out of whack. Combine that with the heat and lots of sweating and it’s even easier for you to get dehydrated. Consider looking into an electrolyte supplement and make sure you’re getting at least a liter of water for every hour in the gym (and don’t skip the salt in your post training meal!).

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

Refer above about hydration – it is SO important to be paying attention to this!

For this week, you may notice you are extra hungry, even after you’ve eaten. Your body has a hard time accessing carbs- you may need to eat more to get the same amount of energy!

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