Level 1- 07/17/2021

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10 Min Cardio of your choice

3 Rounds
:20 Weighted Plank on Hands
2 Turkish Get Up e/s
25ft Banded Lateral Walk (each way)
10 Goblet Squats

2 Rounds
20 Band Pull Aparts
10 PVC Pipe Pass Throughs
10 Deadbug Overhead Let Downs
10 Prone Y/s

*Deadbug Overhead Let Down- https://youtu.be/0TMozQmQJwo
*Turkish Get Up- https://youtu.be/0bWRPC49-KI
*Weighted Plank – https://youtu.be/QRsP9MtaySU
*Prone Y’s- https://youtu.be/w1AWGKubE5U
*Band Pull Apart- https://youtu.be/MnDpmNYUjbc


5 Rounds
5 Push Up + Jumping Pull-Up OR Jumping Chest to Bar
50ft Farmers Carry

*Scale Up: 5 Ring Muscle Up Transitions or RMU
*Farmer’s carry go heavy (at least the 53# KBS if you can!)


For time:
9-12-15 HSPU
18-24-30 Power Cleans
27-35-45 Pistols
Between each round 100ft Philly carry.

*Perform 9 HSPU, 18 Cleans, 27 Pistols then a carry. Then 12/24/35 etc.

Time Cap: 18 Minutes

*Rx PC Weight is 135# – choose a weight you can do 4-6 cleans in a minute
*If you don’t have pistols yet pick one of these scales: https://youtu.be/8cYoeVyx3FI Or perform as reverse lunges.
*If you’re not doing HSPU yet then do heavy DB Push Press
*Philly Carry- https://youtu.be/Uyg0SIv8vEc

Cool Down

Spend 10-15 minutes rolling out everything. Hopefully your body has adjusted to the program, but today give it some extra TLC- it deserves it!

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

Okay, it’s comp day. We tell you sometimes its okay to chill. Today, be excited to see what you can do DESPITE your hormones.

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

Lets. Freaking. GOOOOOO!!!

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

Eat your carbs, drink your water, and settle in.

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

If you’re cray cray, use it and take it out on the barbell. If you just want to cry, find the beast inside and ask her for some support. You got this.

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