Full Body Strength + Overhead Stability

Tactical Athlete


2 Rounds:
10 Glute Bridges
10 Lying leg kicks
10 Lying Cross Body Kicks
:30 Squat Hold
10 Squat to Stand, hold your feet
:30 Pigeon Stretch each leg

2 rounds:
(With 1 Kettle bell or dumbbell)
10 SL Kettle Bell Pass (hand to hand standing on one leg)
5/5 SL RDL + KB Row
10 Inch Worms


Push & Pull
7 rounds:
4 Push ups + toe touch
2 Wall walks pause at top (:20 hold at top after each, nose to wall hold)

Rest 5 min and directly into…

6 rounds:
5 DB Strict Press
10 DB Push press
:30 Front Rack DB Hold
*Rest 2 min between rounds.
*Record the DB weight. Go Heavy!

Rest 5 min and directly into…

6 Rounds
5 Eccentric pull ups – jump up to the bar, slowly lower
3 Scapula pull ups
:30 hang

EMOM x12
2 Chin ups (hands facing you)


Lower Body Conditioning
For Time
Hang Squat Clean
Front Rack lunge
*Choose a weight you can go unbroken, but it sucks to do so.
*This is a “meant to hurt” kind of conditioning piece. You need to push. Your mind will stop you long before your body actual needs it.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Creepy Crawler Conditioning
20 min AMRAP:
5ft and back bear crawl
4 bike calories
5ft, back, 10ft, back
4 bike calories
5ft, back, 10ft, back, 15ft, back
…Add 5ft to the shuttle for 20 minutes.


Ankles & Calves
6 rounds:
3 position toes touches x :30 each side
5 Weighted Calf raises straight + bent leg off 45lbs plate
1 min knee to wall hold each leg *place toes as far away from the wall as you can while being able to reach your knee to touch the wall with your foot/heel staying FLAT to the ground

Cool Down

4 minute Box Breathing

Lie on your back, hands on your belly. Inhale to your belly for 4s, hold for 4s (Try not to clamp your mouth or nose shut. Simply avoid inhaling or exhaling for 4 seconds), exhale for 4s, pause breathless for 4s

Be mindful with every-single-breath. Be conscious and non-judgmental of where your mind takes you. Think about inhaling positivity, recovery, confidence, and reward. Exhale soreness, struggle, negativity, doubt, and judgement.

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