Level 3 – 07/23/2021

This is the last week of this cycle, new cycle starts in 2 weeks!

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4 rounds:
2 min bike @mod
2 min bike @all legs hard


3 rounds:
5 Standing banded fire hydrant e/s
5 step ups e/s @24”
5 Mcgrill curl ups e/s


2 rounds:
5 Banded KB front squats slow and controlled
5 KB deadlifts e/s (use 1 kb)


Work up to your backsquat:

3 Back squats
Rest :30
3 Back squats
Rest :30
2 Back squats
Rest 1 min
2 back squats
Rest 1 min
1 Back squat
Rest 90 seconds
1 Back squat
Rest 2 min
1 Back squat
Rest 2 min
then go!

*McGrill Curl Up- https://youtu.be/OYkLDBjCtLo
*Fire Hydrant- https://youtu.be/aFk8cbVEmKs
*If you don’t have a bike then row or run

Back Squat (3×5 @90% )

*Rest 2 Minutes between sets
*No belt
*Percentage is off test week 1RM
*If you didn’t test with us perform at 75% of 1RM

Chest Elevated Hip Thrust (5×8 @60% of 1RM Back Squat)

Focus on keeping rib cage down, getting FULL extension at the top, and keeping core tight. This is less about the weight you’re moving and more about good hinge mechanics and learning how to engage your glutes.


Bench Clean Grip RDL (5×8 @75% of 1RM Clean)



28 Min EMOM
1 – 6 Burpee box jump overs @30″
2 – 9 DB snatches @50#
3 – 12 Wall balls @20#
4 – 15 cal row

*For the DB snatch choose a weight that makes you uncomfortable but you can do unbroken
*If you can’t row 15 calories in a minute then pick what you can do in 55 seconds
*If 30″ is too high make yourself jump to something outside your comfort zone

Cool Down

Pigeon Stretch – 2 min e/s
Foam Roll lower back and quads 2 min e/s
*Lower Back- https://youtu.be/CXUjsU-Dgks
*Quads- https://youtu.be/QY5R14p7GJw
*Pigeon- https://youtu.be/tYY-cqNjuVA

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

You’re going to uncomfortable- warm up well, make sure your nutrition’s on point, remember you’re capable of a lot more than you think you are.

If you’re not feeling strong go off of feel and not percentages.

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

Shine baby shine!!!!!!!

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

What do we tell you? 40 to 60 grams of carbs before training, make sure you’re hydrated going in, and trust yourself.

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

Refer above. Settle in. Get to work.

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