Level 1- 08/09/2021

It’s the start of a new training cycle- whoo hoo!!! Our ladies saw PRs galore over the last 8 weeks and we know the trend will continue.

If you’ve been following along and are ready to take the leap- sign up here and get ready to PR with our tribe of badass women! LFG!!!


2 rounds:
15ft Quadruped Crawl
10 Cal ski
5 Bridge ups


50ft Butt kickers
50 ft High knees
50ft Tip toe walk
50ft Hurdle walk
50ft Heel walk
50ft Toes out walk
50ft Toe in walk
50ft High skips
50ft Grapevines/kareoke

3 Bench dips
2 Kipping Ring pull ups
1 Strict pull up
If you don’t have access to a ski perform 10 cals on the machine you have or go for a 200m jog
If you don’t have rings perform 2 kipping pull-ups (scale to toes assisted)


*Quadruped Crawl –https://youtu.be/CkdenBjMkEA
*Bridge Up- https://youtu.be/w3su9apHk0
*Kipping Ring Pull-Up- https://youtu.be/9tywl2OcWVE


1: Upside Down Strength

3 Rounds
10 Weighted PVC Pipe Pass Throughs
3 Free Standing HandStand Attempts

*Pass Throughs-https://youtu.be/gl3pj8nc_6E
*Kick Ups-https://youtu.be/tI7Fl7kMoqI
*Not kicking up yet- watch this- https://youtu.be/4SxlfyG0xfM

2: Triceps and More Upside Down

3 Rounds
Max Effort Stationary Dips
Wall Walk into :10 Lateral Walk each way

*Stationary Dips-https://youtu.be/jKb12gwaUtk
*Wall walk to lateral-https://youtu.be/gfUFQHWmGHc
Remember to record what you get on your dips as you’ll be doing percentages this cycle!

3: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups

*Start with no weight and add weight slowly.
Last rep should be heaviest. If you cannot perform these weighted, shoot for 13 perfect reps.

Runaway Metcon Test (Time)

For time:
3 mile run
*See what you can do. Pace however you want. Breathe however you want. BUT take note of all these things.
How your body feels. How your lungs feel. Your stride length. Your arm movements. ETC…. When you finish we want your TIME and an extremely detailed description of how the run went including mindset throughout.

Cool Down

Lacrosse ball lats, pecs, triceps 2 min e/s
Pigeon Stretch 2 min e/s
*Lats- https://youtu.be/uHMVTXf06kM
*Triceps – https://youtu.be/OWcsf-01io8
*Pecs- https://youtu.be/vzxvgSJ9kQc
*Pigeon- https://youtu.be/tYY-cqNjuVA

————–Hormones and Training—————

Follicular Phase – Days 1-7

Yup- running might not feel amazing today. But guess what? When we test this again you most likely WON’T be on your period.

Set yourself up for success. Run in the morning or evening so it’s not exceptionally hot. Have a snack while you’re doing your gymnastics so you have something in your system.

And then focus on the OUTCOME of the run- how proud you feel after you crush it.

Follicular Phase- Days 8-14

Let’s freaking go. You had two days off, its the start of another cycle, and your hormones are ready to participate in helping you slay the week.

Luteal Phase – Days 15-21

Remember by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. During luteal phase things are complicated by hormones. So drink as a rule no matter what.

And be excited- you’re fat adapted during this phase of hormones, so a 3 mile run you’re going to be very efficient!

Luteal Phase- Days 22-28

Carbs, hydration, and don’t worry if you’re not feeling it- give what you’ve got, and remember that this is baseline- how you perform this week is how you can be confident no matter what you can ALWAYS perform.

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