Week of August 15th- Training

Who is ready for a really fantastic week of training? This is what’s being covered this week!

We’ve got:

  • Running
  • Rope Climbs
  • Chest to Bars
  • Handstands and Handstand Walking
  • Ring Muscle Ups/Muscle Up Transitions
  • Snatches + Clean and Jerks
  • Back Squats
  • Thrusters (yay!)

and some spicy and fun metcons!

For our accessory level, you’ll be focusing on the gymnastics, posterior chain development, and grip strength. Level M you get to do the running on Monday, as well as the thruster metcon and the 40 min EMOM (we know you’re excited about this one!).

Level 1 and 2, you get to do the all of the gymnastics stuff, plus the strength, and we’ve prioritized the metcons so that you continue working on grip, grit, and pulling strength.

Levels 3 and 4, you’re doing additional gymnastics work, as well as some additional conditioning pieces.

Lastly, Tactical Athlete.. Coach Ryan has hooked you girls up- you get to take these fun CrossFit workouts and have them tailored to real life application!

Not one of our athletes yet? What are you waiting for??! Sign up today and get ready to CRUSH it!!!

It’s $29 for Comprehensive, $39 for Tac Athlete, and $18 for accessory. Let’s GOOOOO!!!!

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