8 Week Pull-Up Program

Welcome to our 8 Week Pull-Up Program

This program was developed specifically for our female athletes. Not only do we focus on pulling, we incorporate in grip strength, core strength, as well as shoulder stability exercises.

The program is 4 days per week for 8 weeks. It should take you 30-40 minutes to complete each day (including warm-up and cool down). Depending on where you are in your pulling journey you may need to repeat the program at least once to build all the necessary strength.

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Did you know that we also have accessory programming that includes not only pulling but also single leg strength, hip strength, and all kinds of other fun things? It’s 4-5 days a week and takes about 30-45 minutes each session.

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With programming available a week at a time, an amazing community, and coaching that will help you get all of your movements squared away, this could be what you’ve been looking for!