The Ultimate Nutrition Program For Female Athletes

When most of our clients started working on their goals, their first thoughts or focus was to get leaner, stronger and improve their overall fitness. What they also discovered was when their inner confidence increased, other areas of their lives also improved. It’s a given that if we work on our nutrition & fitness our health will improve.

But what if you could achieve more, how would those health & fitness improvements benefit your lifestyle? What would you do with your increased strength and confidence? What if, working with coaches who valued your wellness as a whole, improved other areas of your life and helped to remove the obstacles holding you back. What would that look like, to you?

Macros Plus

Biweekly Check Ins, nutrition content to help you understand WHY your macros matter based on your goals, community, support, and education. For intermediate level nutrition clients.

$699 or $249 for 3 Months

Macros – Basic

Month to month, no commitments, cancel any time. Monthly check ins, full app access, a women’s only community, and the help you’ve been seeking to stay consistent with your Nutrition!

For advanced level nutrition clients

$189 Per Month

Fuel Your Fitness Challenge

See the power of eating enough for training and performance


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*A Personalized Plan

We help you create a plan for YOUR unique needs. It’s not about macros, it’s about your goals and how we can help you reach them.

*Support and Accountability

Weekly check ins with your coaches, and direct/unlimited messaging through trainerize. Share how you’re eating via photo food journals or track in a variety of ways and get fast feedback on how you’re doing!


Surround yourself with a group of like minded, badass women eager to help each other become the best, strongest, most well fueled versions of themselves!


Natalie Guyan

Having lost 80lbs in bodyweight with an obese to athlete transformation, Natalie became inspired to support her experience and knowledge with industry leading certifications. After qualifying as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 (with certificates for gymnastics and kids) She certified as a BWL Weightlifting Coach. Natalie established and grew a female only CrossFit community with CrossFit Marbella in the south of Spain. As a mum to 2 young girls, with a corporate background and having coached female fitness and nutrition in person and online since 2017, Nat is passionate about helping women find their wings and overcome the everyday obstacles that can stand in the way of achieving their health and fitness goals.

Shawna Norton

Shawna Norton is an L1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, with a B.S in Kinesiology. She also holds her L1 with Crossfit and actively coaches athletes through her women’s only coaching program- Competitive Female Training. Shawna has been coaching nutrition for the past 5 years, with a recent transition to full time. Her ideal demographic is the women of CrossFit as these are the women she relates with the most. Shawna loves helping women fuel their training and to focus on what their bodies can do.


Our mission is to inspire women to take up space by encouraging them to embrace their bodies, approach their hormones with confidence, train to minimize their weaknesses, and improve their mental and physical strength through our challenging and educational programs written for all skill levels.

Our program includes full access to coaching support and an amazing community of bad-ass women!