Tactical Athlete Program

This program is designed for women training to enter into the firefighting/ police force, to maintain strength and fitness for their jobs, and to achieve specific goals or jobs in the military, including special forces.

Led by Coach Ryan Carlyl, Rugby Olympian, World Class Athlete, and Firefighter, Tac Athlete takes into account the many unique needs individuals face when working towards job related goals.


From passing challenging physical assessments to enduring long training days, this program will give the female tactical athlete everything she needs to help ensure she not only can pass these tests but comes out the other side healthy.

Your training will typically be 90 minutes to 2 hours long depending on the day. You will run, ruck, work on pushing, pulling, core strength, grip strength, as well as mental toughness. Specific training will be provided for those individuals requiring swim skills.

This is what a day of training might look like:

The program is $49.99 a month, you receive the entire week on Saturday evening via SugarWOD, comes with a Coach monitored private Facebook group, and general nutrition guidance (with access to 3 nutrition coaches in the group).

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Questions? Feel free to email us- info@competitivefemaletraining.com